I have had a few people ask me to blog on how to prevent breakouts. The problem being breakouts can be caused by so many different reasons such as hormonal changes, diet, stress, hygiene, reactions to products etc. You need to work out which one or which combination of things may be causing your breakouts. Often simple steps can be taken to help prevent and clear up the skin, so today i will give you a few brief tips that you may be overlooking that could make a big difference.

Washing of makeup brushes

If you are using your makeup brushes to apply makeup especially foundation, concealer and blusher, you must wash them regularly. Not only will they get a build up of product which can go stale and end up being unhealthy for the skin, if you are covering up blemishes etc you will be spreading the germs from your face to your brushes and then back to your face again, which could end up in an unfortunate cycle actually causing you to breakout. Wash your brushes with shampoo and warm water. this will get rid of the makeup and germs as well as keeping your brushes nice and soft. If you haven’t washed your brushes in a while they will feel hard and won’t distribute your products evenly on the skin. Leave your brushes on a towel to dry overnight, or if in a rush, a warm heat from the hairdryer will dry them in no time.

Hands off

Its so tempting to squeeze, and touch the face, checking if blemishes are still there, trying to get rid of them. but this is another sure way to spread germs around the face. try to touch your face as little as possible. If you are going to do it anyway because i know how hard it is not to sometimes! then make sure your hands are freshly cleaned, and using a couple of cotton buds is one way to release a congested spot without digging at it with your fingernails causing damage to the surrounding area.

Rest easy

Making sure you get plenty of sleep at night as this is when our skin regenerates itself and heals the best. If your tired , your skin will be too and breakouts are its way of saying you need time out! Another important bedtime tip is to change your pillowcases regularly. We sweat in our sleep, we wear skincare products to bed, our natural oils come to the surface, as well as any blemishes we have are resting on that pillowcase. It’s so important to stop the spreading of germs around your skin. And who doesn’t love the feeling of freshly washed linen!

Healthy eating

Although chocolate causing pimples may be a myth, it is a fact that what you eat has a direct effect on your skin. Simple really, if you don’t put the right things in your body. your skin won’t have the tools it needs to stay clear and healthy. This includes drinking water to flush out those toxins.

Squeaky clean skin

Washing makeup off at the end of the day is important and it feels so good! Never sleep with your makeup on. your skin needs to breathe. Blocking your pores with makeup 24/7 won’t help you to have clear skin, try to have a makeup free day once in a while. real mineral 2

Go natural!

If you have troubled skin i would definitely recommend trying a natural mineral makeup, to avoid any nasties chemicals that you could be reacting too. Not all mineral makeups are what they say they are though, so its important to really read what you are buying. I have recently been trying out ‘Real Mineral Cosmetics’ loose mineral powder foundation. It makes the skin look beautiful while still looking natural and its not a heavy product. The thing i like most about this mineral makeup compared to some others that iv used, is this product is more matte, where i have found others to have a shiny look or get shiny throughout the day. Also its made right here in NZ, check out their range over at

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