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I think contouring has gone crazy. For the average woman going to work, going out for a couple of drinks with the girls or even an important function where you will be wearing even the most glam of dresses, it is unrealistic and unnecessary to paint by numbers and contour every inch of our face like kim Kardashian. You may have seen images like the above on the internet where they are using different shades of foundation all over the face followed by contouring creams, powders and highlighters. Who has time for that!!?? Not everyone is a professional makeup artist or has a professional makeup artist on hand to follow them around all day long.

People are forgetting there is a very big difference between photo shoot makeup and your every day ‘real life’ makeup. Sculpting your face like the above image is great for a photo shoot but unnecessary for every day. Highlighting and shading is used when working with artificial lights such as in a shoot because the lights are really strong and can flatten the natural contours of the face, so contouring to extremes adds these angles and dimensions back into the face. Natural daylight is soft and you only need the very basics in contouring. So here is some simple direction you can use for daytime and going out at night which are subtle yet effective. you can use powders in different shades to get this look . You want to think of where the light would naturally hit your face, on the high points, these are your highlights and the other areas the low points are your shaded areas. Use a shade slightly darker than your foundation to shade and a lighter powder with a really soft shimmer to highlight. This is important that they are only 1 or 2 shades lighter as colours still need to blend seamlessly into each other

Shade (the darker powder), just below the cheekbone, don’t go too low as your cheek will start to look all one colour, be subtle, use circular motions, starting with very little product on the brush and building up Highlight (lighter powder) above/ on the cheekbone, the highest part of the bone that sticks out

Shade the sides of the nose, you may need to use a smaller brush, if you feel your have a slightly longer nose and want to lessen it you can use a little shading on the underneath of the tip of the nose also. Highlight down the very centre of the nose.

Shade, the edges of the face, lightly shading around the outside (lightly being very important as you don’t want to see the makeup sitting around the edges looking like you haven’t blended your foundation out! hit the sides of the forehead and a little on your jawline. Highlight┬áthe centre of the forehead and the centre of the chin.

Below is a photo taken in natural light, no filters or enhancements using MAC mineralize skin finish powders to do some quick contouring and highlighting in my bathroom at home.

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