For easier liquid/ gel liner application, hold a compact mirror below your chin and look down into it with your eyes without dipping your head. Your eyes will feel half closed. This way your lashes are out of the way, you can see the lash line more easily, its more comfortable on the arm and there is no awkward leaning into the bathroom mirror or holding / pulling at your eyelid.

eye liner app


For the perfect even lip line, use a lip liner first, and after applying your lipstick if you need a little fix up, you can touch up around the edges with some concealer on a small brush, this will give you a clean line, as well as stop lipstick from bleeding,



conceal around lipline



Accidentally applied 80’s blusher? blend the lines out by taking some mineral powder foundation on a kabuki / buffer brush, and using circular motions buff the edges out, you can also sweep the powder over the top of the blush if its looking too intense.

linsay lohan



If you don’t have any makeup remover, you can use a little bit of moisturiser on a cotton bud to precisely clean up accidents such as when your mascara is still wet and your lashes touch your skin!

cotton bud


Do your eye makeup before applying your foundation, you can wipe away eyeshadow fallout easily from the skin, keeping a clean perfect looking base.  Just make sure you still apply foundation or an eye primer to the lids before starting the eyes, it will stop the shadows slipping due to the natural oils in the skin.

prep eye



When applying fake lashes, instead of applying the glue to the full strip lash, apply it across the lash line very close to the lashes, leave for a couple of seconds then apply the fake lashes to the glued lash line. this prevents you from getting glue all over the lid ruining your eye makeup if you get the lashes in the wrong place.





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