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I have one of the hardest eye shapes to put makeup on. Theres so many Youtube videos of people applying beautiful makeup, but it won’t look the same on everyone especially if you have hooded eyes. What are hooded eyes? The brow bone can be protruding, making the eyes look sunken or hidden, and there can be extra skin or ‘fat’ on the upper eyelid, this can also happen as you get older where the lid sinks down, the result being, you can’t see your eyelid when your eyes are open.

As much of a pain as it is, I have learnt tips that work and don’t work with my own eyes, and thought i would share them with you, this blog won’t be suited for everyone, but those with similar eyes to mine i hope you find it useful. I have tried to show an example with the photo above, it’s not the best at pointing out all the things i will be talking about but hopefully it gives you some idea.

The first tip i will give you, is to use a matte eyeshadow in the crease or socket, keep the shimmer to the lid, but keep the shimmer out of the socket, as this can sometimes emphasise the sagging skin. Use browns as they are easier to blend and make look soft, plus they suit most skin types, especially if you are a beginner.

With your matte eyeshadow you are creating a socket where there isn’t one visible, in the left hand picture above i have shown you what not to do, which is applying the shadow in your actual socket, when you do this then open your eye , you find the shadow disappears and you can no longer see it. In the right hand picture, i have drawn the eyeshadow line a lot higher on the lid  instead of putting it in the actual crease, so when looking straight ahead it is still visible. With your eye open, look into the mirror and take note of where the crease should be,lightly blend a line above your eye across your lid. Once you have the right placement Blend from your actual crease up to the line you have just created. This step is the most important. try to soften any harsh lines by using soft circular brush strokes.

Next tip is a lot of people use a shimmer or frost eyeshadow under the brow to highlight the brow bone, but with hooded eyes the brow bone is already very prominent and doesn’t need highlighting, use a light colour in a matte  instead, making the brow bone pop without making it look bigger and standing out more than we would like.

Thick black eyeliner across the top lash line is unnecessary as you don’t see it when your eyes are open, you risk more issues with it transferring onto the lid and it being uneven ,making a mess. It also makes it look dark and shadowed and doesn’t enhance the eye, instead opt for a darker eyeshadow and smudge across the lash line concentrating more to the outside, if you want a stronger line make sure you keep your eyeliner line super thin and right in close to the lash line, alternatively paint the top waterline by lifting your top lashes and colouring in black underneath, this will make your eye line appear darker without all the liner on the top lid

Always curl your lashes. This will help open up your eyes, apply two coats of mascara. Also wearing false lashes is always a good idea if you are going out as it will hide the crease in your eyelid and hide your eye shape, and give the appearance of a wide open eye.

The above pictures of myself are natural and not edited or modified in any way there is no filters or softening so it is what it is. Practice makes perfect and the key is to blend always! Do you have a similar eye shape to mine? give it a go and let me know how you get on 🙂 Heres a few lovely ladies with the same eye sh ape as us, Jennifer Lawrence, Catherine Zeta Jones, Anne Hathaway and Blake Lively. Have a great sunday night xx

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