For centuries especially in Chinese practices they have  studied mapping of the body. It is believed that by looking at the problems of the skin and where abouts they arise,  you can determine what problems are going on internally, ie.. inside your body.  Skin issues including acne, redness and patchy skin may pop up, what feels like randomly with no explanation, but could looking at a chart  help you do determine some underlying issues?

Below is a face mapping chart, take note of where your face may have regular breakouts, and coincide this with the internal organ the map shows you.




I know if i breakout it will be around the chin, as do a large percentage of men and women. As you can see on the map this area is labelled as Gynaecological problems, or as we often relate to hormones! i know if i am experiencing breakouts there my hormones could be unbalanced,  You may notice after a big weekend consuming alcohol your liver areas may be a problem, after a period of unhealthy eating your intestines, stomach or hormone areas may be a problem. If you are feeling ill or maybe you’ve been taking antibiotics, other areas may show up for you. A face mapping chart is in no way an alternative to seeking medical advice or any kind of professional diagnosis, but it could possibly be of some help to you, as a map into what is going on inside your body.